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 RE Society

About the Centre

The Bedfordshire Centre for RE resources is now based at:

St Mark's Church and Community Centre
Calder Rise
MK41 7UY

Telephone: 01234 342613

The centre is open between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. Resources must be collected during these times.

Click here for a map of where to find us.

In the early 1970s, when Putnoe and Brickhill were expanding rapidly, the Church of England and the Methodist Church were in talks about closer union, and there was much encouragement and co-operation for establishing a joint church. Methodists operating a Sunday School in Scott School and Anglicans worshipping in Brickhill School were drawn together, and North Brickhill and Putnoe became an Ďarea of ecumenical experimentí with two Church Centres at Putnoe Heights Church and Park Wood School, Brickhill. There was a full time Church of England Priest- in-Charge and a Methodist Minister.

Those early days had an atmosphere of excitement and challenge and further progress was made when the church moved into a dual purpose hall on the Calder Rise site in 1977. The hall was used on Sundays for worship and junior church and on weekdays for many different communal activities. The altar, chairs, tables and lectern were designed so that they could fit through a standard doorway into a side room, out of the way when necessary. The rest of the land was well used - members of the congregation cultivated allotments where the present church stands.

The decision in the 1980s to build the present church was a big step in faith. It was very much needed to enable our service to the community to expand and to cater for a larger congregation. Like the first hall it was a warehouse building, with luxuries like comfortable chairs and stained glass. We thought that meant an end to moving furniture every week after the service to make room for events during the week, but the development of community work in the Centre means the church is used again during the week. We are moving furniture again!

The last fifteen years have seen continuous growth, such as stronger partnership and planning with Putnoe Heights Church, the inter-availability of the ministers, more outreach into the community, refurbishment of our property and grounds to make them more effective and more voluntary organisations using the Centre.

We are delighted to act as hosts for the Bedfordshire RE Resources Centre, which is based in the chapel. We hope that a visit to the centre will also enable you to pop into the church to experience the work we do within the community.


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