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Struggling to find suitable collections of reflective music for school worship, including assemblies? Click here to visit the website of Brian Beresford, a Lancashire Primary School teacher and composer, who has produced a CD of 24 pieces of music for reflective worship in schools.

Barcode Title Author Publisher ISBN
13332 100 Assemblies: ages 5-7 Georgie Beasley Scholastic  
12835 52 Easy-to-use Assemblies for Middle and Secondary schools Janet King Monarch Books  
133529 Active Assemblies - Through the Year Ian Addis Longman  
2014 Active Readings for Assemblies Peter Norton Heineman  
1231 Almost instant assembly book Sue & Chris Govus Kevin MAyhew 1840033738
1916 Assemblies for Infants Book 1 Diane Walker RMEP 185175170X
1215 Assemblies for Infants Book 3 Diane Walker RMEP 1851751726
1205 Assemblies for Primary Schools Autumn Term Margaret Cooling RMEP/ National Gallery 0900274581
1220 Assemblies for Primary Schools Spring Term Margaret Cooling City of Westminster 0080370888
1226 Assemblies from the Gallery Margaret Cooling Lion 1851752161
1225 Assembly Chains Diane Walker Lion 0745942288
12786 Blackbird's Nest, The      
1232 Blueprints: The Primary Assembly Book Terry Gilbert Stanley Thornes  
1947 Bread of Life None CMS Harvest Resource None
2082 Broadly Christian Assembly Book 2nd Copy David Self Heineman  
2013 Celebrating Animals Catherine Bowness Southgate  
2009 Celebrating our Environment Elizabeth Ashton Southgate  
2010 Celebrating our Environment         2nd copy Elizabeth Ashton Southgate  
2011 Celebrating with Music Clive Kempton Southgate  
2012 Celebrating with Science Michael Beasley Southgate  
12834 Children's daily Prayer for the school Year 2001-2002 E McMahon Jeep LTP  
1214 Classroom Prayer Services Advent & Lent Gwen Costello Twenty Third Publications 0896227375
133214 Collective Worship Unwrapped John Guest BRF  
12849 Common Worship Lectionary The   OUP  
12838 Complete Assembly Resource Book The M Anderson             M Grace                  P Heesome Kevin Mayhew  
133654 Complete Primary Prayers Tony Bowers Kevin Mayhew  
13330 Cooks and Ogres M Catchpole P Lunt Kevin Mayhew  
1207 Cracking Assemblies Margaret Cooling & Diane Walker The Stapleford Centre 0951653784
10336 Creative Assemblies - Outlines on the life of Jesus KS1 Heather Butler Scripture Union 1859994660
10485 Does anybody Love Me? Gillian Lobel Lion 745945716
12840 Everyone Can Know J Haywood               J Poulton Scripture Union  
133656 Eyewitness Assemblies Gaynor Cobb BRF - Barnabas  
12839 Feeling Good! Peter Churchill NS/CHP  
11466 Frogs in Assembly - KS1 Veronica Bright Kevin Mayhew 1844171752
1229 God's Quiet Things Nancy Sweetland RMEP 0745942687
2015 Getting to Know Me Louis Gill Nash Pollock Publishing  
10337 Good Morning Everybody - Book 2 Redvers Brandling Nelson Thornes 0748758720
13100 Gospels Unplugged The Lucy Moore BRF  
1228 Heaven in a Poem Lois Rock & Christopher Corr RMEP 0745942598
12850 Holy Scriptures The   Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures  
13097 In the Bag 2 John Wright Kevin Mayhew  
13331 In the Bag John Wright Kevin Mayhew  
1208 Interactive Assemblies Diane Walker & Jon Webster Scripture Union 1859992536
13336 Lord's Prayer Unplugged P Churchill NS/CHP  
12837 Many Hearts Brian Ogden Scripture Union  
2008 Maximus Mouse Primary Assembly Book, The      
11051 Mr God, This is Anna Fynn Collins 006278914
13099 Off the Peg Assemblies Chris Stafford Kevin Mayhew  
13101 Off the Shelf Assemblies W E Beales    
1974 Pocket Prayers Bp Christopher Herbert NS/CHP  
1950 Pocket Prayers for Children Bp Christopher Herbert NS/CHP  
1221 Poems & Prayers for a Better World Su Box           Felicity Henderson Lion 0745938868
10400 Polyphonic Parables Alan Kirkland Toe Tapping Music  
133674 Pray Today Book 1 Patricia Ainge Kevin Mayhew  
133675 Pray Today Book 2 Patricia Ainge Kevin Mayhew  
1984 Praying with Children Jenny Pate McCrimmon  
11050 Primary RE Assemblies Louis Fidge Nelson Thornes 074873645X
1222 Rainbow Cave, The Wal Maggs RMEP  
133350 Reflection Time Linda White NS/CHP  
132012 School Assembly Stories, 101 Frank Carr W Foulsham & Co  
132013 Second Book of 101 School Assembly Stories, Frank Carr W Foulsham & Co  
1227 Shore Beyond, The Mary Joslin & Alison Jay Lion 0745941613
10481 Simple Prayers - of Love and Delight compiled by Lois Rock Lion 0745945503
13098 Special Times for Infants Pamela Drew Kevin Mayhew  
13335 Special times with God Anne Faulkner BRF  
2085 Themes and Readings for Assembly Suzanna Reid Heineman  
1219 Things of the Spirit Geoff Westminster Stanley Thornes  
12844 Think About this Story David Webb Educational Printing Services  
10484 This Amazing World Lois Rock & Ruth Rivers Lion 745944590
1233 Time-Line Assembly Book Margaret Cooling Stanley Thornes 185175167X
133200 Through the Year with Timothy Bear B Sears BRF  
1230 Together for Festivals   Lion 0715148931
133539 Together for a Season - Lent, Holy Week and Easter G Ambrose and Others Church House Press  
133540 Together for A season - Advent, Christmas and Epiphany G Ambrose and Others Church House Press  
133647 Together in the World Jeanne L Jackson RMEP  
1217 Together through the Bible ed. P Macnaughton Hamish Bruce NS/CHP 0715149075
13329 Ugly Bugs and Apple Trees M Catchpole P Lunt Kevin Mayhew  
11049 Wannakam, 12 primary school assemblies Shirley Hall        Fiona Bampton Ely Diocese  
1983 Ways to Pray with Children Barbara Anne Bretherton 23rd Publications  
2007 We are Family Geoff Davis Nash Pollock Publishing  
13341 Welcome! Celebrations for young Children Jenny Pate McCrimmon  
1917 What Happens When Someone Dies T Romain Free Spirit Publishing  
1210 Worship through The Christian Year - Year A Diana Murrie & Hamish Bruce CHP 715149032
1212 Worship through the Christian Year - Year B Diana Murrie & Hamish Bruce Albatross Books 071514927X
1213 Worship through the Christian Year - Year C Diana Murrie & Hamish Bruce National Society 0715148907
1224 Worship Worries and Winners Terence Copley NS/CHP 071514782X
1223 Worship Worries and Winners Terence Copley NS/CHP 071514782X
1211 Worship! John Bailey National Society 0715149156
10490 Year of Assemblies - Book 1,A Redvers Brandling Nelson Thornes 0748758364
2083 Year of Assemblies - Book 2, The Redvers Brandling Nelson Thornes  


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