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 RE Society

Downloadable Resources

Commission on Religious Education

Interim Report: Religious Education for All
Executive Summary

September 2017

Diddy Disciples Remembrance Day Resource

A great resource for Remembrance Day from SPCK.
Click here to find out more

National RE Conference

Held on Saturday 18th June 2016
at Center Parcs Woburn Forest

The following documents and presentations from this conference are now available for download from the password protected area of this website. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office

The Purpose of RE
Open Your Mind: Active Learning Activities in RE. Lat Blaylock
Calais Jungle Songs of Praise Lessons. Lat Blaylock
Achievement, attainment and assessment: life after levels in RE. Lat Blaylock
A range of RE Presentations by Andy Lewis
Active Learning in RE. Sarah Payne
The Purpose of RE. Dilwyn Hunt
Christian Theological Concepts. Ed Pawson
GCSE Subject Knowledge: Islam. Ed Pawson
RE in the EYFS. Fiona Moss
Enquiry in RE. Kathryn Wright


People and Communities & Religious Education
Supporting British Values

Suggested Activities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 Statutory Framework (England)
With opportunity to extend to Years 1 and 2

Promoting and delivering RS effectively at Key Stage 4

Religious Studies

What is the big picture?
Preparing the ground for your case

Assessment in RE

Click here for guidance on Assessment in Re from RE:ONLINE

Spirituality and Faith in the Bedford Community

Click here for the guide

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Development: a Christian perspective
(Updated Document from the Diocese of Norwich)

Books @ Press
Puddles and the Christening Splash has arrived!

Books @ Press Easter and New Life Topic Planning and new Classroom Activity for EYFS and KS1

Teaching About the Trinity

Teaching Trinity: A collection of ideas for teaching about the distinctive Christian understanding of God
The Trinity in SIAMS Inspection: A Reflection

Books @ Press Advent and Christmas Topic Planning and Classroom Activities for EYFS and KS1

If you already have a copy of the big book Puddles and the Christmas Play, these brand new resources will provide some lovely activities for children to enjoy along with Puddles and The Reverend Freddie Fisher.

For any schools which are not already familiar with this delightful big book and accompanying characters, they can be ordered from Books@Press by phone, email, fax or from their online shop by simply clicking on the book cover or following this link: http://booksatpress.co.uk/puddles-and-the-christmas-play---big-book.html

Hinduism Workshops for Schools

Avesha Presentations: Hinduism Workshops for Schools
Avesha Brochure

Coping with Bereavement
A Resource Pack for Schools

Click here to access these password protected resources

This area is password protected. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office.

Books @ Press

Fun RE for the Early Years Curriculum

Click for the Books @ Press Catalogue & Early Years Resources

Ofsted Guidance on Judging the Quality of Teaching in RE

Generic grade descriptors and supplementary subject-specific guidance
for inspectors on making judgements during visits to schools - Click Here

Resources for Promoting and Auditing SMSC

SMSC PowerPoint Presentation
Extracts from Subsidiary Guidance issued to inspectors January 2012
Subsidiary guidance (Supporting the inspection of maintained schools and academies from January 2012)
Transforming RE in a Secondary School: The Bankfield School. A good practice case study.
SMSC Evidence Audit
SMSC Evidence Audit (2)
Thomas Coram Peace Poster
Art example of planning with SMSC highlighted

New RE Agreed Syllabus Materials
Central Beds, Bedford Borough and Luton

Materials include the Agreed Syllabus 2012-2018, Exemplar units of work and additional materials

Click here to go to the Agreed Syllabus materials page

This area is password protected. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office.

May 2011: Some Outcomes from RE Month

Celebrating RE Compendium
60 pages of inspirational events and activities.

Living God's Love
A Lent Course for Schools

Lent is often a time to give something up, such as chocolate, or cut down on something, such as spending too much time playing on the X-Box. Lent may also be a time for developing good spiritual habits. One of the best spiritual habits is reading the Bible every day. These resources may help schools do this. Reading Bible passages for Lent in school worship or in the classroom takes a little planning, but it is well worth the effort, because it helps children develop a familiarity with the Bible to help them come to a deeper understanding of what Lent means to Christians.

Click for more details


The London Jewish Cultural Centre would just like to alert you to a new web based resource created to explain the Holocaust to pupils at key stage 3 (11 – 14 ) in UK schools. It is the first UK site of this kind built for young people, to complement the national curriculum – it is safe, appropriate, multi-media, has a glossary of over 600 words and contains survivor testimony used to amplify and personalize particularly difficult topics.

The website was devised by the London Jewish Cultural Centre in collaboration with Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and Beth Hatfutsot among other academics and London Jewish Cultural Centre scholars. The site has been adopted by the London Grid for Learning, the National Schools Network and over 700 schools across the UK pre-registered for access. That number has now been far exceeded.

The site was launched on Tuesday 25 January at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education, Sir Andrew Burns KCMG, UK envoy for post-Holocaust issues, Ambassadors and Alistair Burt MP, Minister for the Middle East.

Resource for Collective Worship on the theme of Lent

Thanks to Helen Lockham of St Andrews VA Primary, Totteridge, for these resources.
Please note that you will need to save the music file onto your computer
for the hyperlink on the last slide in the presentation to work properly.

Download: Lent PowerPoint presentation (3mb)
A Lent poem by Elena dal Friuli
Download: Breathe on Me Breath of God mp3 (2mb)

Resources for Teaching about the Holocaust

Click here for Recommended Resources for
Teaching about the Holocaust in Primary Schools

IWM Fellowship unit of work for Year 6: What Ties Me Down? What Sets Me Free?

The International School for Holocaust Studies
I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly
Lesson Plan

Click below for a unit of work based on "I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly"


The full text of "I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly"  is available for download in Diocesan schools. [This area is password protected. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office.]

If you are using these resources and cannot access the link above, please contact Jane Chipperton readviser@stalbans.anglican.org for copies of the book I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly

St Nicholas

Click on the links below to get detailed information and a PowerPoint presentation about St Nicholas, the patron saint of children.

PDF Information File
PowerPoint Presentation

Bedfordshire Faith Directory

RE Adviser Jane Chipperton says:

This is the second edition of The Bedfordshire Faith Directory involving consultation with many people. We began working with Hertfordshire and Luton SACREs and we have worked closely with Bedford Council of Faiths and Luton Grassroots.

Inevitably names and contact details will change as soon as we go to print and we would be obliged if you could contact us through the year if details change. We would like to thank all who were involved in the compilation of this directory and those who have agreed to have their details printed. I would also like to thank Mrs Eileen Shaw who has spent many hours collecting this information and making it an invaluable resource for Bedfordshire teachers.

Click to go to the Bedfordshire RE Pages (Password needed - please contact the diocesan Office if you have lost the password)

Booklets to Support the Teaching of RE

Click here to access the Booklets to support the teaching of RE. This area is password protected. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office.

Beds Schools - Network Course Materials

Click here to access the Network Course Materials. These materials are available to all Bedfordshire Schools. You will need a username and password to  access them. If you do not have your passwords, please contact the Diocesan Office.

Bishops in Action Website

Bishops in Action - The Bishops in Action website is a free resource for all schools. It has been put together by a group of RE Advisers based in the South East in order to raise awareness of the Lambeth Conference in July and August 2008 but it will be of use beyond this to help with learning about and learning from the role of bishops. We would like to thank all of those who have given us grants so that website can be free to all. We encourage everyone to publicise the website as widely possible so that pupils and their teachers know something about a bishop in time for the once-in-ten years Lambeth Conference in Canterbury later in the summer

Click here for a flyer about the Bishops In Action website


Diocesan RE Units on Christianity

Click here to access the new Diocesan RE Units on Christianity. This area is password protected. CofE schools in the Diocese of St Albans should have received their username and password. Other schools wishing to access these resources should contact the Diocesan Office.


Queens Park Faith Tours

Queen’s Park in Bedford is rich in both culture and religion, with Christians, Muslims and Sikhs living together in harmony. Our three faith communities have places of worship within three hundred metres of each other, and faith leaders have developed a ‘Faith Tour’ for school visits.

The tour starts at All Saints Parish Church, moves on to Jamia Masjid Gulshane Baghdad (Westbourne Road Mosque) and concludes at Guru Nanak Gurdwara. Each stop includes a tour of the building, an interactive presentation, and the chance to ask questions.

Click the links below for full details and information pack:
Microsoft Word Document (507kb) PDF Document (232kb)

The photographs below should provide useful additional resources in preparation for your visit. Please click on the small images to open larger ones. Each will open in a new window. Please close the window to return to this page.
All Saints Parish Church
Altar Close Up Altar Close Up Community pictures Sacristy Chapel
Exterior view of the parish church The Font The Lady Chapel

Photographs of church members

A hassock The lectern
The organ A paschal candle A stained glass window A place for private prayer The pulpit
Jamia Masjid Gulshane Baghdad (Westbourne Road Mosque)
Close up of the prayer carpet Clocks for times of prayer & Friday congregational praye Distance photograph of prayer hall Interior dome & windows Exterior view
The Minbar Qur'ans & other books Shoe rack Wuzu area Prayer beads
Guru Nanak Gurdwara
Chauri Close up of throne Distance photo of prayer hall Exterior view Exterior view
Kitchen for Langar Dressing place for Guru Granth Sahib Langar Notices for visitors 1 - tying on head scarf Notices for visitors 2 welcome ....
Resting place of Guru Granth Sahib Romallas (covers for Guru Granth Sahib) Picture of Guru Nanak & other gurus Symbols Tablas & harmoniums


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