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ICT Resources*

Barcode Title Author Publisher ISBN
133240 Ace Monkey's Celebrations   Birchfield  
1195 Aspects of Religion   Granada Learning  
133681 Being a Hindu (iPoster) BBC Active BBC Active  
12057 Building E Bridges Julia Ipgrave RE Today Services  
1201 Byting Back Julian Stern BFSS National RE Centre  
133682 Celebrations and Special Times BBC Active BBC Active  
133242 Christian, Muslim, Jewish Experiences, The Steve Clarke Hodder Murray  
133238 Cut, Paste and Surf Gwyneth Windsor Nelson Thornes  
13017 Exploring World Religions   Granada Television  
133243 Exploring World Religions   Granada Publishing  
133351 Heart of Hinduism, The (resource pack)   Iskon Educational Services  
1926 ICT Activities for R.E. Gwyneth & Helen Windsor Heineman  
13032 Interactive Places of Worship: Islam      
133241 Interactive Places of Worship: Judaism   Birchfield Interactive  
1909 Jesus, the Man Behind the Millennium   Agape  
13026 Places of Worship -Volume 76      
13014 Religious Education Writing Frames S Harrison               P Harrison Belair Pubs.  
13029 Religious Education Writing Frames S Harrison               P Harrison Belair Pubs.  
133670 REsearch Christmas   Insight Software  
133683 Rites of Passage BBC Active BBC Active  
1199 Using ICT in R.E. Paul Hopkins Stanley Thornes  
13324 What is it like to be a Christian-Interactive Power Points   RE Quest  
13025 World Festivals Volume 75   Keynotes Education  
133237 Worlds of Faith      
133239 Worlds of Faith      
13942 Worship and Sacred Places BBC Active BBC Active  

*Please note that ICT resources can only be viewed at the centre. They may not be borrowed.


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