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Links to Other Useful Sites

These links are to other useful Religious Education or Resources sites. Please click open the link of your choice. Each site will open in a new window - please close the window to return to this page. If you know of any good sites that do not appear here, please contact us.

OPEN THE BOOK offers a free programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories, each around 10 minutes long, that fit comfortably into assembly times in schools.
Bishops in Action - The Bishops in Action website is a free resource for all schools. It has been put together by a group of RE Advisers based in the South East in order to raise awareness of the Lambeth Conference in July and August 2008 but it will be of use beyond this to help with learning about and learning from the role of bishops. We would like to thank all of those who have given us grants so that website can be free to all. We encourage everyone to publicise the website as widely possible so that pupils and their teachers know something about a bishop in time for the once-in-ten years Lambeth Conference in Canterbury later in the summer
Diocese of St Albans - Schools Department
Diocese of St Albans - Main Website
The Bedfordshire SACRE website. This can be reached by going onto  www.bedfordshire.gov.uk, then the Education tab, then the Local Authority Zone.
The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning Religious Education pages.
RE-XS School. The Religious Education Exchange Service at Culham College
One More Time - Struggling to find suitable collections of reflective music for school worship, including assemblies? Brian Beresford, a Lancashire Primary School teacher and composer, has produced a CD of 24 pieces of music for reflective worship in schools, which may be just what you need!.


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