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 RE Society

Terms & Conditions

  • Only individual memberships will be entertained. Memberships can be affiliated to a particular church, school or organisation, but will be in personal names only and that person will be responsible for adhering to the rules set out below;

  • resources may be borrowed for a period of 6 weeks;

  • resources may be renewed in person, by telephone, or by e-mail, by arrangement, if another member does not require the items;

Resource Boxes and Other Resources

  • Schools may borrow resource boxes for a maximum of half a term;

  • If artefact boxes and other items have been on loan for half a term, no renewal will be allowed.

  • All damaged and lost items are the responsibility of the borrower, and will be charged at the current replacement rate.

Opening an account with the Resource Centre and/or joining the Resource Centre Library implies that the client or member accepts the above terms and conditions.

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